Gratitude - A 2012 (without seed )

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Gratitude it is Table Grapes variety seedless was grown in USA/Arkansas. It is a mix of a hybrid camposite (Arkansas 1925 x Arkansas 1581) . Gratitude it’s variety early: 110-115 days. It has medium strong growth, woodem-skids. Grapes are big (300-600g) conical, medium-tight . Berries are: medium 5-6 [g], 24x18 [mm]. form oval, egg, white-green. Flesh tight, crunchy, very tasty. It consists of huge ammounts of sugar (18-20%) and it has got low acidicy level (5-6g/l). Fertility of this variety is very good. They are very good resistant to fungal diseases and frosts even to -19°С. The variety is suitable for planting at summerhouse, wall. It is a suitable variety for amateur and commodity plantations. It stands transport and cold storage very well.

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