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Rizausz. It is a dessert plant variety of grapevine. It was grown in Ukraine/Institut W.E. Tajrowa. Rizausz it is a mix of a hybrid camposite. It is autogamous.  Medium-mature period. 125-135 days. It has strong growth, woodem-skids.  Grapes are big and very big (800-1100g) conical-cylindrical, loose. Berries are: very big 16-18 [g], 42x27 [mm], oval or cylindrical, fair, yellow-pink, pink. Flesh: very tasty, are fleshy and juscy  a harmonized taste. It has a high level of sugar: 17-20% due to the low acidity. 6-8 g/l. Fertility of this variety is high  80%.  They are resistant to fungal diseases and frosts even to -23°С. It is good to amateurs. Grapevines grafted Table Grapes Rizausz are of best quality.

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