Liefer- und Versandkosten

Dispatching of our products is possible in 5 days since the day when our produc has been posted or booked by a customer. We start dispatching 10th April (Spring season) and 1st November (Autumn season) according to orders. In case of lack of supply during the order fulfillment, we contact you by the phone or via email to solve the problem in another way. If you want to know more about your dispatch , please write an email to us. Costs are counted according to the Polish Post’s Price-List or to the delivery company’s price-list. You can also pick up your parcel in our headquarter. We do not accept paying in advance.
Shipping to Europe (Great Britain,Albania, Belgium, Montenegro, Malta, Norway, Cyprus, Finland, France, Andorra, Monaco, Grace, Spain, Kosovo,Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Macedonia, Mołdowa, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Sweden) 1 - 15 pieces 19,50 € EUR   Purchase for over 500 € Euro - free shipping.

Customers have the right to return our product in 5 days from its receivment. The product is supposed to be sent back and and of the shipping costs belong to a customer. The customer has to write an affirmation that he resigns from buying our product. The customer has to give personal data and his account number. Seedings have to be protected from draught. After confirmation of customer’s complaint, the customer is given the money back in 7 days since he has received the back parcel with a written cessior from the agrement. If you don’t justify your complaint or if you damage our product, you will have to pay.