Wielikoliepnaja 7 / Великолепная Cемерка - K-125 AA

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Wielikoliepnaja 7. It is a Table Grapes variety of grapevine. It was grown in Ukraine/ Kitajczenko. It is a mix of a hybrid (Talizman x Kiszmisz Łuczystyj). It is autogamous. Variety Wielikoliepnaja 7 it’s early (110-115 days). It has strong growth, grows well into the wood. Grapes are conical, loose, big and very big (800-1000g). Berries are very big 16-20g (34x28mm) slightly oval, green-yellow. Flesh tight, crunchy, harmonized taste, very tasty. It has a high level of sugar: 16-19% and the low acidity. 6-7 g/l. - Fertility of this variety is high 85%. Disease resistance is good, frost resistance -23 °C. It stands transport and cold storage very well. It is a suitable variety for amateur and commodity plantations. The grafted sapling of Wielikoliepnaja 7 table grapes is of the highest quality.

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