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Victoria   -    K - 125AA
  • Victoria   -    K - 125AA
  • Victoria   -    K - 125AA
  • Victoria   -    K - 125AA

Victoria - K - 125AA

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Victoria It is a Table Grapes variety. It was grown in Romania. Vitis Vinifera (Cardinal x Karaburnu). Victoria it’s very early variety: 100-105 days. - It has medium strong growth, grows well into the wood, it is autogamous. Grapes are big (600-900g), are conical-cylindrical, medium-related. Berries are: big 9 - 12[g], 34x25 [mm], oval, are fair white – yellow. They are fleshy tight, crunchy with a harmonized taste, very tasty. It has a high level of sugar: 16-18% the low acidity. 3- 4 g/l. Fertility of this variety is high (75-80%). It has got disease (Vitis Vinifera) resistance and frost -19°С. It stands transport and cold storage very well. It is a suitable variety for amateur and commodity plantations. Very popular in commercial plantations in southern Europe. The grafted sapling of Victoria table grapes is of the highest quality.