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Ali Baba / Али-Баба   - 5BB
  • Ali Baba / Али-Баба   - 5BB
  • Ali Baba / Али-Баба   - 5BB

Ali Baba / Али-Баба - 5BB

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New!!! Ali-Baba it is dessert variety bred by E. G. Pawlowskij. It is a compound hybrid (Talisman x K - 81). Self-pollinating variety, very early (100 - 110 days). Strong growth with good woodiness. Clusters moderately tight, conical-cylindrical, large to very large 600 - 1100 grams. Berries large 12-14g, (36 x 32 [mm]),round or slightly oval, dark red to purple. Flesh harmonised, tight, crunchy, very tasty with a delicate muscat. The variety accumulates a lot of sugar up to 17-19% with a low acidity of 5-7g/l. A 75-85% yielding variety. Disease resistance high with frost tolerance down to -24°C. The Ali-Baba variety is suitable for both amateur and commercial cultivation. The fruit tolerates transport and storage well. Grapevines grafted "Ali-Baba" are of best quality.