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Arkanzas /A 1704 (seedless )    -  125AA
  • Arkanzas /A 1704 (seedless )    -  125AA
  • Arkanzas /A 1704 (seedless )    -  125AA

Arkanzas /A 1704 (seedless ) - 125AA

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Arkanzas / A 1704 Seedless dessert variety bred in the USA . It is a composite hybrid (A 1042(Pogette Musguee Galiber 256-28 x Ny 14819) x A 1381( A 1263 x 1105)). Self-pollinating variety. Ripening season moderately early (110-115 dni). Strong growth with very good woodiness. Medium to large 200 - 350g grapes, cylindrical often with a wing. Berries yellow-green, bright in the sun with a brown blush, oval about 5-6g, 18 x 22mm (one of the largest seedless varieties), flesh tasty, juicy, with hoary skin - no strawberry aftertaste, with fruity notes . Sugar content high up to 23% with an acidity of 6 -8g/l. The variety is characterised by high yield and very good disease resistance. Frost resistance down to -26 °C. The variety Arkanzas 1704 is suitable for amateur and commercial cultivation. It tolerates transport and storage very well. Grapevines grafted "Arkanzas" are of best quality.