Arkanzas /A 1704 (sin semillas)

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Arkanzas / A 1704 - seedless It is Table Grapes variety seedless was grown in USA. . It is a mix of a hybrid camposite . (A 1042(Pogette Musguee Galiber 256-28 x Ny 14819) x A 1381( A 1263 x 1105)). Arkanzas it’s variety medium-early: 120-125 days. It has medium-strong growth, woodem-skids. Grapes are cylindrical, medium-related a small wing and they medium:200-350g. Berries are: medium 5-6 [g], 18x22 [mm]. oval, fair, green-yellow. Flesh They are fleshy and juscy- crunchy,with a harmonized taste. It consists of huge ammounts of sugar (about 20-23%) and it has got low acidicy level (6-8g/l). It has got very high frost(-26°С) and disease resistance. It is a suitable variety for amateur and commodity plantations. It stands transport and cold storage very well. Grapevines grafted Table Grapes Arkanzas are of best quality.