Rusałka 3 (senza semi)

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Table grapes, fruited varieties – Rusałka 3. It is a Table Grapes seedless variety of grapevine – Vitis Vinifera. It was grown in Bulgaria (Mirkin x Chibrid Bezsemen V - 6). Rusałka 3 it’s medium early variety: 115-120 days. - It has strong growth, woodem-skids, it is autogamous. Grapes are big (400-500g), are conical, medium-related. Berries are: medium 5 -6[g], 24x20 [mm], slightly oval , dark blue. They are fleshy tight, crunchy with a harmonized taste, tasty. It has a high level of sugar: 16-18% due to the low acidity. 5-6 g/l. Fertility of this variety is high (75%). It has got very disease resistance and high Frost -20°С. It stands transport and cold storage very well. It is a suitable variety for amateur and commodity plantations. Grapevines grafted Table Grapes Rusałka 3 are of best quality.

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