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Table grapes, fruited varieties – Talizman. It is a dessert plant variety of grapevine. It was grown in Russia/ Institut Novotscherkassk. It is a mix of a hybrid camposite (Frumoasa Albe x Wostorg). It is open-pollinated, requiring pollinators,(for example Timur, Różowe Cudo - varieties autogamous), byt they pollinate easily even in hard conditions. Fertility is very high. Grapes are big and very big (700-1100g to even 1,5kg). ) Berries are oval, very big 14-25g, green – yellow. They are fleshy and juscy with a harmonized taste, tasty, and sugar level of 23%.Variety Talizman it’s medium-early. They are resistant to fungal diseases and frosts even to -25 ºC. It stands transport and cold storage very well. It is a suitable variety for amateur and commodity plantations.

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