Zołotoj Don / Золотой Дон - K - 125AA

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Zołotoj Don. It is a dessert plant variety of grapevine. It was grown in Russia (Biruinca x Wostorg). It’s medium-early: 120-130 days. It has medium-strong growth, grows well into the wood. The grapes are conical and cylindrical with a mass of about 650-800g to even 1kg. Berries are: big, oval, 7-9 g with the size of 38x32mm,colour yellow – gold. They are crunchy with a harmonized taste, a high level of sugar. It is open-pollinated (female flowers) byt they pollinate easily even in hard conditions.  Variete are good resistant to diseases and low temperatur es (even -25°C) and the fertility is very good. It tolerates transport and cold storage very well. It is a suitable variety for amateur and commercial plantations. The grafted sapling of  Zołotoj Don table grapes is of the highest quality.

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